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So I got a nice note from someone, but I can't seem to find it again to respond. So to the nice person who was asking about Tales of The Fallen dialogue, please send me that note again, please. Thanks.
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So my last issue of Tales of The Fallen (and TF for the time being) has been approved to print. Look for it on shelves sometime in January.

Really have to say that it was a lot of fun working on it, too. I got to team up with my favorite guys on the pro side of things, Alex Milne and Josh Perez to tell a story that while tweaked from it's original idea, still wound up being a pretty fun story. The original idea was supposed to happen in "Alliance" by the way. I'll talk about that later.

So now that I'm done with writing for a while, it looks like I'll finally be able to get back to building some models and doing some custom toys. So in the next few weeks, I'll post some stuff to share.
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...since my last posting. Wow, too much to keep track of, I guess. What a year it's been, too. I'll try harder to be a bit more punctual with this thing.

Many thanks to everyone that have shared their thoughts on the "Destiny" stories. NY Times Best Seller list and now iTunes top-selling apps. Nice work, everyone.

Updates soon... promise. I'll even draw some lame stuff and post it. Maybe my interpretations of stuff from the scripts?

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I just realized about 13 minutes ago that I'm having my best week ever. Seriously. "Reign of Starscream" #5 came out on Wednesday. That was Issue #5 of a series that was my first writing assignment. First writing that I've ever done to be exact... and I got five issues. Most people never get a shot at a single issue, and I got five. The kicker is that it seems to be well-received. I got an amazing artist and a phenomenal colorist to work with, and it's an absolutely kick-ass presentation. So there's that. I know that we all owe the fans so much for their support. But there's more coming from "Team Scream" so stay tuned.

Then on Wednesday, I go see Radiohead with Ryall, my girlfriend, and Ben Templesmith. The show was amazing. The company was amazing. So much to really say, but extraordinarily cool is probably the best way to say it.

Then tonight, my girlfriend (she's really the best... AND she plays roller derby) takes me to the San Diego Chargers Kick-Off Dinner. She works with the team and this is a chance for the associates to meet the players and staff. It was a great night here in San Diego (we have the best weather, I'm afraid) and it took place down at the Marina. The players were all very cool and I got to meet a lot of them.

Now, I was able to crash a class I needed to take for school (never too late to go back), and I'm going to be able to talk to some people tomorrow that I haven't heard from in a while. Then this weekend I'm getting together with a lot of friends. It's just really, really cool and I feel very lucky to be who I am at the moment.

And I'm very lucky that you read this entire rant. :)

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We'll all take pictures of STARSCREAM!

Yeah, that's right, I'm holding a contest of sorts.

And it's for you photo buffs out there.

Curious? You should be. Details are here:
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Well, kind of. I'll still go through and edit the hell out of it, making dialog tweaks and such. But even with all of those tweaks, I'll be happy to see it finished. Not that it wasn't fun at all, hell, I had a blast. It was just very hard to work from nothing. No script for the second movie, no idea what was being planned for the second movie. No idea of what characters were in it. Yeah, we were told that we couldn't use some characters, but trust me, some of them are NOT in the second movie.

I think everyone will like how it ends though. It'll be something that will not contradict the movie if I can help it.

I wish I could publish what Josh said about #5's script. Too funny. But I won't cuss that much. Plus, it would totally give away a huge dramatic moment and who really wants that?